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At Control Instruments Eastern Cape we specialise in 5 main categories :

Time and Attendance, Access control, Automation and industrial instrumentation.

Our main area of expertise is Time and Attendance, using Time Clocks,Fingerprint readers and Top of the range software like Astrow Suite we are able to tailor make solutions for your company saving you time and money and making sure employees are always payed for the hours they work, a accurate Timesheet can be viewed or printed allowing you to track your employees working hours as well as employees abseentism.

Our Time and Attendance systems can also export directly to payment programs like Pastel or VIP payroll making the paying of wages and salaries easier and more accurate.

Our Time systems can save your company money by making sure employees get paid only for their hours worked and overtime can be approved or rejected in the software.

View our Time And Attendance page to view your options and possible solutions to your human resource problems

At Control Instruments we have the most advnaced access control solutions, With Access Control you can limit who has Access to your premises, which areas they can access aswell as at what times they can access your premises allowing you to have peace of mind when it comes to the security of your building

We have many options from securty cards,tags and codes to fingerprint readers all of which can be controlled using the most advanced software which can be programmed to suit your needs. View our Access Control page to see more or our contact page to get a sales person to phone you to discuss your options

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Time and Attendance

See our Time and Attendace page for details on how to monitor your staff and make sure they are accuratly payed

Access Control

Want to control access to your building or limit where people can go? see our Access Control page for more information


Monitor your premises with our state of the art CCTV solutions